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Purchase information 

Natural Beauty

THEFashionweb.huwebsite handles retail and wholesale orders.

By default, individual customers can see the retail prices on the site. Resellers and traders can order products at wholesale prices after company registration and login.


After placing the order, the order will be in the "INVENTORY CHECK" state. After that, we will send an SMS and e-mail about the availability of the ordered products. You will usually receive a confirmation message within 24-48 hours. It may take several days to finalize your order.

The reasons for this can be: processing larger orders, we are waiting for products from several suppliers, products are under production, weekend holidays, administrative slippage of several suppliers.


If several orders are placed, we assume that the customer wants the products in one package. In this case, we do not charge a separate shipping cost, but combine the orders and send them in one package with one shipping cost.


The finalizing system message is sent via SMS and e-mail. In this letter, we ask that you definitely click on thefinalization button.

A bank card prepayment transaction can be executed and paid at this point. If you have chosen bank transfer, the amount of the order must be transferred after finalization, and once the payment has been received, we will send the order for delivery.

GLS cash on delivery orders are automatically sent for delivery after finalization.

The electronic VAT invoice will always be sent to the specified e-mail address after receipt. Please make sure to enter the exact phone number and e-mail address.

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