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webshop photography

White, plain, static background photography and graphic background  

FW photo offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for product photography for fashion companies, webshops, fashion wholesalers and retailers. With our flexible services, we undertake the photography of 10-20 products up to 300-400 products per week.


For us, speed is of the utmost importance, and we guarantee our customers high-quality, marketable edited photos within 24-48 hours.

We also organize static fashion photo shoots in our own studios or on the premises of our business partners. Photography with a static, white or other colored background gives you the opportunity to modify and creatively transform the backgrounds afterwards, so that each image can have a unique and lifelike background.

250-350 from HUF/piece  

We adapt flexibly to the needs of our customers and fully ensure the implementation of professional photography. We adjust our prices to the number of products and the frequency of photo shoots. Our monthly package offers offer our customers a service at a competitive price.

Our prices per picture are available from HUF 250-350, and with our flexible solutions, we provide our customers with the opportunity for cost-effective photography.

The described prices do not constitute an offer; our prices may vary depending on quantity and intensity, please ask for information  on our contacts.

graphic background  

Photography is done using a single-colour background or a narrow section of wall. We generate a variety of creative backgrounds in post-production.

White, monochromatic, static background photography

Photography takes place against a monochrome paper background or static wall detail. Post-production

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